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Mountain Crossroads


Sipping Virginia wine on the deck overlooking rows of grape vines can be a great start to your adventure on the Mountain Crossroad Artisan Trail. Wine tastings, good food, farmer’s markets and herb gardens greet visitors who plan an indulgent visit to Wythe and Bland Counties. Home of Southwestern Virginia’s only Butterfly House, visitors can walk into an authentic Indian Village, enjoy close up visits to safari creatures at a unique animal park, and experience music venues to stir the heart. The artisans along this trail take great pride in preserving the traditional arts of the region including quilting, spinning, soap making, weaving, wood carving and chair canning. Through their hands, jams, jellies and sauces are a favorite at County Fairs and local arts festivals. This trail is fun, lively and attractive to active families or those who just want to sit in a rocker on a front porch.

Artisan Trails Mountain Crossroads brochure